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Wedding Hair

How long will my hairstyle last?

Our stylists are highly trained and have lots of experience making your style last and last! We’ve heard more often than not that our clients have worn their hairstyle for a couple days after we have initially done it. That being said, upstyles generally last longer than down-styles because the pins help hold the hair in place. Just remember wind, rain, and heat can all effect the longevity. We believe its all about the prep of the style. When in doubt, choose an updo or braided style that is more sturdy with pins and bands.

How should I have my hair ready?

You need to have your hair totally bone dry and clean! That’s it! You can put product in it, you can blow dry it, you can even curl it. Just don’t flat iron it, and don’t have it wet. Some people say hair holds better if it’s a little dirty but we like it clean and dry. If it’s too silky we add great products to make your hair listen! Fresh hair or one-day dirty hair is the Goldilocks here. It’s just right. 

What if my hair is too short or too fine for the hair style I want?

May we suggest clip-in extensions? They are so amazing! There are so many great reasons to use them. They make the hair look thicker, longer, fuller and they hold the style even longer. We make it easy for you to rent them from us and the color match is always perfect! Feel free to request them and we will consult with you for your best options.

Can you work with my extensions?

Absolutely! Sewn-in, locs,  beaded, and just about every other kind of extension can be worked with. We do make a few suggestions though, the hair MUST be 100% human in order to be curled without burning or melting . If you want thicker, longer hair for just that day, opt for clip-ins. Happy to pop those in for you!

Can you work with curly natural hair?

We love our natural-curl girls!  Let’s have a candid conversation about your expectations, our abilities, and what needs to happen for you to feel gorgeous on your wedding day. We will never say we can do something if we know we can’t, so let’s talk about it and if we feel like it’s outside our abilities  we can let you know and help you find the right stylist for you. 

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Wedding Makeup

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrushing makeup is a method of applying makeup with an air gun. Its really all about the color match and your preference.

What is the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?

While airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the face, a traditional application is applied with a brush, sponge, or fingertips. Both methods can be used to create a flawless, durable finish.  Both airbrush and the traditional method of application does not impact how long the makeup lasts. Everyone has different skin types and different needs, so it’s important to have a foundation that is customized to fit those specific needs.

Do you do airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is definitely one of the services we offer! However, like all makeup applications, the method is not suited for every skin type. We use both airbrush and hand applications depending on each client’s unique needs. There is no “one size fits all” makeup method, and we strongly encourage you to suspect anyone who says there is!

How long does the makeup last?

We here at the ‘Co love us some silicone-based foundations. Silicone is the little bad-ass of makeup bases; it repels water, blends seamlessly, and absorbs into the skin beautifully for a perfectly smooth finish. Also, to keep those peepers looking amazing till the after-after party, we prep the eyes with eyeshadow primer. Some of our clients have even worn their makeup to the pool the next day. We don’t recommend that, but if you do, rock on sister!

Can you come to my hotel or wedding venue?

Yes! We are entirely on-location and your hairstylist and makeup artists will arrive at your hotel room or venue on your wedding day. Be sure to check with the venue to confirm you can get in early enough, as many venues offer their bridal suite for only a very short period of time prior to the ceremony.  

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How far in advance should I book hair and makeup?

As soon as possible!! Although we do the best we can to accommodate, wedding vendors are experiencing higher than normal inquiries.

What do I have to do to book?

Start by filling out our contact page, so that we can get all the information we need from you in order to confirm availability and quote you appropriately. Once we have that info, you’ll get an email from us (and we are pretty snappy at returning emails!) If everything looks good to you, email us back to let us know were’ the ones for you! Alway feel free to give a call too with any further questions! Once we receive the deposit your date is locked in.

How long does a trial take?

We don’t like to feel rushed, and we do not want you to feel rushed either. Generally we take 1.5 hours for hair trials and 1 hour for makeup. We will also take lots of photos at the end too so you can have them to share with family and friends. 

Do I have to book a trial?

We highly suggest it but we understand at times it's difficult for so many of our brides that live far away. So in those cases we swop lots of photos!

Wedding Party Sizes

We have a minimum party size of 4 adults and can accommodate parties of 20+ 

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